ekō Homes

ekō homes are designed to be high quality, durable and affordable to live in year one as well as year 10. The sustainable craftsmanship of our homes is what separates us from the alternatives.

ekō Home Life and Maintenance

ISO Containers have a base life of 25 years, paired with applied roof and wall coat structure the life of the container is extended by 15 years.

Average Wind Load of an Eko Home is 130 MPH 3 Second burst 115 MPH Sustained; With modified foundation plans and welded lock position points this wind load can meet Miami Dade code of up to 159 MPH 3second burst.

Regular wall painting and exterior façade replacement is required as per a traditional home as additional facades are added.

Maintenance includes board replacement, exterior and interior paint over time and roof replacement if a roof was added to unit.

Windows and Doors are tested to waterproofing standards both prior to shipment onsite as well as after setting and install is completed.

Electrical Tests are completed according to National Electrical Code (NEC)

Plumbing Tests are completed according toInternational Plumbing Code (IPC)

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