Crisis Recovery

Following a natural disaster, beyond medical, food & water, housing is the most essential and complex issue.

ekō works with local community representatives, churches, charitable foundations and sponsors to efficiently deploy ekō Villages of Hope to communities in need of temporary housing solutions.

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ekō Villages

ekō Villages provide transitioning communities with a safe, affordable and sustainable housing solution.

“There is a tremendous need for a higher standard and greater variety of housing options in these impacted rural communities.  With manufactured housing currently comprising over 20 percent of the housing stock in rural communities, we believe ekō villages are providing real solutions for the environment and the need to have a home that is sustainable, safe, and that people can truly enjoy and afford to raise a family.”


ekō aims to provide residents with a modern, alternative housing option in the form of container-based, modular housing villages.  Its container-based homes use recycled steel shipping containers as the homes’ main frame, which creates a very safe and durable structure, and are very eco-friendly due to the repurposing of materials, quick construction timing, and much less wasted materials.  Additionally, ekō homes are very energy efficient and have a solar option, which can further reduce the cost of utilities to near zero.  

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ekō Villages will also help support social equity with access to high-speed internet.  All ekō Villages will be configured to support the latest internet technology and act as a rural broadband hub to help spread high-speed bandwidth into rural communities.

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Community Ventures

Working together with Community Ventures of Kentucky and other local partners, we were able to deploy ekō Solutions container homes rapidly to the victims of the December 12, 2021 western Kentucky tornados.