ekō Residential

We provide durable structures that are affordable to operate and inhabit while also maintaining the ability to be utilized in a mobile environment. ekō homes are designed to be high quality, durable, and affordable to live in.

The sustainable craftsmanship of an ekō home is what separates us from the alternatives.

ekō Benefits

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ekō Container Homes are made from steel, making them more secure than traditional homes and more resistant to damage from natural disasters. Plus, with upgraded security features like reinforced doors and windows, you’ll be extra protected in an ekō home.

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Cost and Quality

ekō Container Homes cost an average of 10-20% less than stick-built homes -- and you get to experience greater quality control throughout the process. With quality processes, procedures, and work instructions guiding the building process, you can be sure that each ekō home is built with the same quality standard. 
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ekō Container Homes use existing shipping containers as its main structural component. By up-cycling these containers, it reduces or eliminates the use of many other building materials and waste which can be harmful for the environment.


ekō Residential Models

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ekō Villages

Following a natural disaster, beyond medical, food & water, housing is the most essential and complex issue. ekō works with local community representatives, churches, charitable foundations and sponsors to efficiently deploy ekō Villages of Hope to communities in need of temporary housing solutions.

Villages of Hope provide a safe and efficient housing solution for victims of:

*Natural disasters – tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fire, etc.
*Domestic violence / PTSD veterans