Pure Produce® Containers

Zero Waste, Fresh Taste, Purpose in Action

anu™ + ekō = endless possibilities

Together ekō Solutions and anu™ are revolutionizing sustainable agriculture through their commercial-scale Pure Produce® Container using anu'™s proprietary rotary aeroponics technology.

Anu™ is leading the charge in the Ag-Tech revolution, empowering people to grow their own, fresh, locally-grown produce right at home. They are more than just a company with patented technology and expert knowledge in the field of agriculture. They are creating a community committed to making healthier choices and living sustainably by providing an accessible opportunity for anyone to become a farmer and take control over what they eat.


What are Pure Produce® Containers?

Autonomous growth of fresh produce in a customized, up-cycled, 20-foot shipping container 

This controlled environment empowers communities and institutions with sustainable agricultural solutions in a small and energy efficient container.

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Now taking pre-orders

Cost: $90,000 (Pricing dependent on specified location, electrical)

Lead Time: Pre-sale lead time of 6 months from downpayment

Dimensions: ISO shipping container - 20’ x 8’ x 9’6

Growing Mechanisms:

  • (14) Modular growth tower locations housing grow towers utilizing rotary aeroponics technology.

  • Each tower set contains an associated water reservoir, pumps, and nozzle assemblies

  • Automation controls rotation, water distribution, and pump operation

Control Mechanisms:

  • Rotation

  • Water distribution

  • Lighting cycles

  • Pump operation

Indoor farming is transforming environmental and societal sustainability with Pure Produce®, which offers superior nutrition, flavor, and food safety far beyond that of organic produce. Farming with anu'™s innovative technology slashes water usage by 90%, completely eliminates the need for pesticides and preservatives, and significantly cuts carbon emissions. Traditional produce supply chains and centralized farming result in unavoidable energy and construction-related scope 3 emissions. These emissions are simply a result of the activities indirectly required by traditional farming to bring produce to the consumer. Anu™ seeks to reduce these scope-3 emissions with modular, upcycled shipping containers. Moreover, anu'™s advanced compostable seed pods virtually eliminate potent greenhouse gasses like methane and nitrous oxide by preventing fertilizer runoff and reducing landfill waste.

Coffee pod for plants!

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Rotary aeroponics™ uses proprietary technology that enables the best plant yield, for the most plant varieties, at the lowest possible resource usage... best yield, most varieties, best efficiency.

  • Modular grow towers utilizing anu'™s proprietary rotary aeroponics® system
  • Integrated premium LED light with full spectrum control for year-round premium fresh produce
  • Grows plants catered to the educational, commercial restaurant, and residential marketplaces
  • 3,920 seed pods locations
  • HVAC environmental control
  • Temperature, C02, automated water filling
  • Pure Produce® Seed Pods can be purchased through anu'™s website and application



  • Dimensions: ISO shipping container - 20’ x 8’ x 9’6”

  • Power consumption: 150 – 300 kWh/day

  • Water consumption: 0.82 Gallons / per day / per grow tower (280 plant sites) - average

  • Electrical: 50 AMP electrical connection (RV connections upon demand)

  • Incoming water: garden hose connection

  • Water filtration: 3 stage filtration systems

  • HVAC: 9,000 BTU mini split w/ automated incoming and outgoing air ventilation systems.

  • Wall system: metal frame design insulated with FRP wall panels throughout.

  • Flooring: polycuramine epoxy with antiskid additive and flakes

  • Ethernet and Wifi connectivity for over the air updates and remote monitoring

  • (28) High efficiency LED arrays



- Red leaf lettuce

- Oak leaf lettuce

- Green leaf lettuce

- Round red leaf lettuce

- Green coral lettuce

- Lollo rossa lettuce

- Little gem lettuce

- Genovesa basil

- Dill

- Mizuna (asian leafy green)

- Red giant mustard

- Cilantro

- Spinach

- Yellow jalapeno

- Chili pepper

- Amaranth (as microgreen or small leaf used like spinach)

- Arugula

- Bok choi (small variety)

- Bok choi (larger variety)

- Red russian kale (large variety)

- Bright green curly kale (small variety)

- Sage

- Green shiso

- Sorrel microgreens

- Sunflower (small variety)

- Cherry tomatoes (Plant testing needed during initial prototype trials)