‍About ekō Solutions

ekō Solutions transforms up-cycled shipping containers into innovative spaces and uses; from homes, offices and bathrooms, to park model RVs. All ekō products go through a rigorous inspection process throughout the manufacturing of the home. ekō’s quality assurance policy ensures every customer is satisfied, and every project brings value.

A Land Betterment Company

ekō Solutions is a Land Betterment Company - Land Betterment Corporation, an Indian Benefit Corporation, and Certified B Corporation, fosters positive social and environmental impact by up-cycling former coal mining sites to create sustainable community development and job creation. In the impacted communities we are witnessing a moment of change as our society transitions away from coal-based fuels. We develop and implement real-world solutions to real-world problems.

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Built to standard

All ekō models are built to engineered blueprints and certified through stringent quality procedures and inspections. All modular units are built to NEC, IRC, and IPC required codes.

ekō is a licensed modular manufacturer in multiple states, including Alabama, Kentucky, and Indiana, and pending in Ohio and North Carolina.

All park model options are certified and inspected using ANSI 119.5 and NFPA 70. Park models are inspected by: the National Organization of Alternative Housing.

How does the ‍ekō process work?

Steering your project through every step of the way, from concept to delivery. Our goal-driven process ensures a smooth journey marked by active client involvement, innovative ideas, compelling designs, stringent approvals, meticulous inspections, and victorious delivery.