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ekō Offerings

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ekō Residential accommodates a vast range of uses and customers, from the family of five wanting a comfortable 1200 square foot home, to the traveling employee looking for a comfortable place to lay their head.

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ekō Commercial provides durable and affordable commercial solutions utilizing 10, 20 and 40 foot upcycled containers. Our designs can be customized and are available on a sales or lease basis.

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Pure Produce® Container

Pure Produce® Container has revolutionized sustainable agriculture through our commercial scale Pure Produce® Container using anu’™s proprietary rotary aeroponics technology. This controlled environment empowers communities and institutions with sustainable agricultural solutions in a small and energy-efficient container.

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ekō Recreation dwellings are 20 and 40-foot climate-controlled recycled containers. With our recreational line, you can create the adventure you dream of with a tiny home, campsite and Park Models, hunting blinds, and beyond.

Crisis Recovery

Crisis Recovery

ekō Crisis Recovery works with local community representatives, churches, charitable foundations and sponsors to efficiently deploy ekō Villages of Hope to communities in need of temporary housing solutions.

Stay With Us!

ekō Solutions sustainable shipping-container housing division is now renting its various models at the Poplar Point Lakeside RV Park in Athens Alabama through Airbnb.

The ekō Solution

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Simplicity is not just a goal, it's our vision. Our focus on simplification in every step of the process, from project planning through construction, defines who we are. We understand our clients want to maximize their investment, and we deliver on that promise through our modular and simplified approach. This nimbleness allows for a speedy deployment of the product to the customer or into the field.

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ekō Solutions was born out of a commitment to sustainability. Our foundation is built on a zero-tolerance policy for waste. We not only remove raw materials in the form of shipping containers from the waste stream, making our processes and products inherently sustainable. This delivers value and cost savings to our customers.

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At ekō Solutions, we are not just builders; we are focused modular contractors with one aim: delivering maximum value to our customers. Whether it's houses, offices, or commercial applications, our experts are dedicated to transforming spaces through the simplicity of upcycled, modular construction.

A home is a sanctuary that one shall feel safe in and feel comfortable they are doing their part in the world. Our villages are built to provide the luxury one deserves at a price that is affordable.

– Kirk Taylor, Co-founder